About us
Hello, we are Sonja and René. We used to live in a houseboat in a lovely spot in Amsterdam. Nowadays in rural Wormer.
We never really thought about buying a house in Spain, until we started thinking about our retirement and realised how much we loved being in Andalusia. So we were very excited to take the plunge and start searching for a house with Second Home Andalusia ( And low and behold, very soon we stood eye-to-eye with our “dream home”: a fabulous Andalusian finca we renamed Casa Flotante, hinting to our houseboat in Holland. We have worked hard to make it into our home and we will enjoy it whenever we can. When we can’t be there, we invite you to feel at home in Casa Flotante and have a pleasant stay. We have a friendly management team that takes care of our home as if it is their own. They will guide you in your temporary paradise.


Any questions? Please call +31 6 55365499 or mail us at